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Strategies for Classification when Classes Arise from a Continuum

Mevik, B.-H., Næs, T. (2002–2003); Strategies for Classification when Classes Arise from a Continuum; Quality Engineering 15(1), 113—126.

The situation where classes arise from a continuum is studied. In this situation, both regression and classification can perform the class allocation. It is not obvious how to compare classifiers and regressions, and different performance measures are described and briefly discussed. Several strategies for class allocation in the present situation are discussed and evaluated. Modifications to existing methods are proposed to make them more suitable for the problem. The performance measures and a selection of class allocation methods are tested and compared in simulations, with both low-dimensional data and spectroscopy-like data. They are also tested on a real spectroscopic data set. The results show that classification by means of an appropriate regression outperforms the classifiers in most situations.

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