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Curriculum Vitae

Bjørn-Helge Mevik

Bjørn-Helge Mevik

Born October 22, 1969, not married.


1995Cand.scient. degree (MSc), University of Oslo, mathematics.
2000Dr.scient. degree (Ph.D.), University of Oslo, statistics. Title of Thesis: «Statistical Methods for Handling Unwanted Variation in Production Processes, Using Raw Material Measurements». Supervisors: Prof. Tormod Næs and Dr. Ellen Mosleth Færgestad.

Working experience

1993, 1995Assistant Teacher, introductory mathematics courses, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo.
1995 – 1996Scientific assistant, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo.
1996 – 2000Ph.D. Student at the University of Oslo and Matforsk – Norwegian Food Research Institute, Ås.
2000 – 2005Research Scientist at Matforsk.
2005 – 2007Post. Doc. at Dept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (IKBM), the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
2008 – Research Computing Services Group at USIT, UiO

Professional interests

Resampling methods, multivariate analysis, regression and classification of spectroscopic data, robust optimisation (robust design)


Authored 7, and co-authored 19, refereed papers in statistics. Here is a list of publications.


2001 – Course in multivariate analysis for engineers
2003 – Course in Multivariate analysis of designed experiments, for Ph.D. students
2004 – Course in data analysis for bioinformatics
2005 – STK4040 – Multivariable analysis, UiO (co-lecturer)
2006 – STAT300 – Statistical data analysis, UMB (co-lecturer)
2007 – STAT300 – Statistical data analysis, UMB
2007 – STK4040 – Multivariable analysis, UiO (co-lecturer)
Several lectures at conferences and work shops.

Other experience

Extensive experience with computers. Operating systems: UNIX, Linux and MS Windows. Computer languages: S (Splus and R), Matlab, Maple, C, Pascal, Simula, SGML, HTML, CSS, PHP, (La)TeX.

Other interests

Music, geneaology, computers.

Last updated January 2009. E-mail: b.h.mevik(a)