lspls is an R package implementing the LS-PLS (least squares – partial least squares) regression method, described in for instance

Jørgensen, K., Segtnan, V. H., Thyholt, K., Næs, T. (2004) A Comparison of Methods for Analysing Regression Models with Both Spectral and Designed Variables; Journal of Chemometrics 18(10), 451—464.

The package should probably be considered `alpha software'. Nothing is cast in iron yet, and especially the formula interface and internal structure are apt to change in future versions. The software should, however, be fully usable in its present form.

lspls currently includes fit and cross-validation functions with formula interfaces, a predict method, and plots of scores, loadings and (R)MSEP values.

Suggestions, bug reports and other comments are very welcome. Please use the github issue page.

The latest version of the package is available on CRAN (direct link).